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Greenings - Living Lightly
A year of living slightly differently
There's been lots of green action in my apartment of late. I am now the proud owner of ten muslin produce bags (5 large, 5 small), which work wonderfully for grocery shopping. None of the cashiers at our grocery store have complained, since while they aren't see-through, you can prop them open on the conveyer belt for easy identification of their contents. If I'm feeling really craftsy, I may make some if I need more. The supermarket has also been really expanding their house organic brand, which makes me very happy. Local would be even happier, but this is a definite step in the right direction. And they lable where all the produce comes from. :-)

My boyfriendn and I really explored the co-op in Cambridge (not actually that near the apartment, but I have to stop there to change busses coming home from work), and they have everything in the world in bulk! I hadn't realized that last time I was there! They have grains and flours and dry beans and snack foods and such like you'd expect, but also laundry, dish, and people soap! local honey! frankincense tears! black, green, white, fruit, and herb/spice teas! nut butters where you put nuts in and turn a crank and out comes goo! And, of course, the majority of this is organic/fair trade and a good bit of it is local. I am entirely too excited by this. I was kind of disappointed to see that it didn't have much in the way of really ethical sustainable meat. Just "all-natural" without hormones, which is better than conventional, but not by all that much. I don't have a burning need to add meat back into my diet, but it would have been nice to have available, and it seems like the sort of thing an organic Co-op market should carry.

On Earth Day we got our first sight of the CSA farm where we are going to get unreasonable quantities of local organic produce this summer, starting in about a month and a half. It seems to be run and worked by a group of really nifty people that I'll be happy to help out.

And for even local-er produce, there are now two empty takeout containers full of seeds on the pantry windowsill -- one with a mix of hot peppers, one with a mix of differnet sunflowers. There's also a packet of nasturiums, but those say to plant them directly in the ground rather than transporting them. They'll all go in the front yard in mid-May, after danger of frost. Maybe I'll try some marigolds as well at some point.
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